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CADEX, located in Quebec, designing and manufacturing primarily Precision Rifles in different calibers, and various tactical products, is an industry leader in Canada.

Thanks to its own technology and R&D capabilities, CADEX has a significant market share in North America Region with its own manufacturing rifle chassis. Moreover, CADEX Precision Rifles currently holds several international records in sharp shooting.

CADEX is being represented by TURKMAN in Turkey.

Waterbury Farrel, located in Canada, has been producing ammunition machinery and equipment since 1851. Company is a subsidiary of Magnum Integrated Technologies along with Hill Acme, Loma Machine, Magnum Nuclear, and Anker-Holth.

Waterbury Farrel has a world-renowned reputation for developing innovative and productive equipment. Complete Turn-key Projects consist of the installation of complete ammunition plant, manufacturing machineries related to all phases of ammunition and training and commissioning of entire facility.

WATERBURY FARREL ıs being represented by TURKMAN in Turkey.

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